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The copyright law (under Title 17, US Code), governs the making of reproductions of copyrighted works. Xeroxing of any portion of a Caliendo World Music Publication without the written consent of Christopher Caliendo is illegal and will be subject to severe penalty under Title 17. In addition, all rights of theatrical, radio, television performance, mechanical reproductions in any form whatsoever (including film), of the complete work or parts thereof are strictly reserved to Caliendo World Music Publishing. Any attempt to use the materials on this website for the above mentioned variables must be given consent to do so by Christopher Caliendo.

Article 1: Field of Application

Present conditions aim to define the modalities of sale between Caliendo World Music Publishing and any physical or moral person, hereunder named the customer, willing to buy via the website of Caliendo World Music Publishing, The customer aknowledge having read and accepted during the ordering and validation process the general terms of trade indicated by

These conditions prevail on all other conditions existing on other documents, except special derogation duely written.

Present terms and conditions can be amended at any time by Caliendo World Music Publishing, under the reserve that they are visible on the website

Article 2: Orders

Orders can be placed:

- via Internet, on, 24h/24, 7/7 days.

As indicated in the introduction, the validation of any order, by phone, e-mail or internet, implies the full acceptance, without any reserve, by the customer of the general terms of trade.

The data recorded by Caliendo World Music Publishing makes the proof of the global transactions passed between Caliendo World Music Publishing and his customer.

For the payments online: Data stored by the payment system, Authorize Net (VIsa/MC), makes the proof of the financial transactions.

Information supplied by the customer during the ordering process, engage the customer.

In case of error in the shipping address indicated by the customer, Caliendo World Music Publishing cannot be responsible for not being able to deliver the merchandise..

Article 3: Prices

Price is expressed in American dollars, and in the currency selected by the customer, while placing his order.

The indicated price doesn't include the delivery costs.

Price is indicated without taxes included. For each order an invoice is sent by mail (and e-mail?) and a shipping document is joined with to the delivery. This invoice shows the detail of the items, and quote of the delivery costs.

Article 4: Settlement

Full payment is due at time of placing order. Payment can be settled:

- By Credit Card (Visa,Mastercard). You must indicate during your validation, the number of your card (16 digits) and the expiration date, directly in the correspondent fields (Secured socket Layer, sent through our secured payment system Authorize Net are the only ones to receive your credit card information).

- By Credit Card by Fax : (CB,Visa, Mastercard) can we do this?

You must indicate during your order validation, the number of your credit card and expiration date directly in the correspondent fields on the order slip that you can print, and fax to us.

- By check. Checks must be drafted to : Caliendo World Music Publishing, and sent together with your printed order slip to:

Caliendo World Music Publishing, Inc.
P. O. Box 4654
San Dimas, CA 91773
Article 5: Delivery

We deliver to your home, or to any address you've selected.

Each package will have a delivery slip.

The average lead time is of 2 to 10 days upon reception of the payment. When order is registered by us, the customer will receive by Email an estimation of the lead time planned for each item, and the global order.

Nevertheless, Caliendo World Music Publishing will not be considered responsible in case of delays or out-of-stock publications.

If an item is temporarily unavailable with our suppliers, Caliendo World Music Publishing will contact the customer by Email or Phone in order to inform him. The customer will then have the possibility of either canceling the item or asking Caliendo World Music Publishing to keep it on records as backorder.

If the customer is non delivered within 30 days, he/she will be able to cancel their order and will be reimbursed of corresponding already paid amount.

In case of temporary unavailability of one or several items, Caliendo World Music Publishing can split the delivery. The supplementary delivery costs will then be taken directly by Caliendo World Music Publishing.

Article 6: Security and Confidentiality


Our website has a secured system. We have selected Authorize Net . All your bank information is protected and crypted before transmission to our treatment center.


Caliendo World Music Publishing protects your personal data.

Caliendo World Music Publishing can, for the development of marketing proposals, and in a very restrictive format, give to partners information collected about his customers. If you do not wish your information to be communicated, please send us an email stating so.

Article 7: Responsibilities Limitation
The titles presented in the catalogue of Caliendo World Music Publishing have been entered with the data communicated by the composer/arranger. Caliendo World Music Publishing cannot be responsible for the content of the works and cannot see his responsibility engaged.

Information about prices and products availability, as well as illustrations by images can be modified at any time. Those information are displayed as an indication.

Caliendo World Music Publishing denies all responsibility in case of non execution of the contract due flood, war, etcetera.

Caliendo World Music Publishing denies all responsibility with the content of the websites linked to

Caliendo World Music Publishing denies all responsibility in regard of the use made by the customer of the items bought on